Park City Ski & Snowboard Team

2018/19 Winter Park City Ski and Snowboard Program Registration


Welcome to Park City Ski and Snowboard Winter 2018/19 Program Registration!

This is the registration for 2018/19 Winter Season Programs across all sport divisions: Alpine, Freeski/Snowboard, Freestyle and Nordic.

Registration typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. Please have the following information handy:

  • Division and Program for which you would like to register 
  • Emergency contact information (two parents/guardians and a third  emergency contact)
  • Medical information (including primary care physician's name as well as medical insurance information)
  • Credit card for payment

Do you have any questions prior to getting started?  Feel free to reach out to us.

  • Alpine: Gail Barber @ (435) 649-8749
  • Freeski/Snowboard, Freestyle and Nordic: Sharlee Holland @ (435) 658-4246

In advance, thank you for registering!

Registration Information

Register by September 30th and get a chance to win a $1,000 PCSS voucher.

  • Everyone registering by September 30th, 2018, will be entered to win a $1,000 PCSS voucher
  • Voucher can be applied against 2019/20 PCSS Winter Programs
  • Opportunity Drawing to be held in early October and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter 

Registrations that come in after August 15th, 2018 will incur 2.7% fee (to cover transaction fees).  This increase will appear on your registration checkout screen as an additional transaction fee. 

To avoid the 2.7% transaction fee, you can pay in full by check or cash. Contact us by September 30th to receive a special discount code from your Division Director/Manager before registering.   

  • Alpine: Gail Barber -
  • Freeski: Chris Haslock -
  • Multi-Sport: Matt Terwillegar -
  • Nordic: Matt Terwillegar -
  • Freestyle: Jana Johnson -
  • Snowboard: Michael Bell -
  • Ski Mountaineering: Matt Terwillegar -

Winter Registration Payment Structure

You have two payment options.

Standard payment.  Pay in full at the time of registration.

Monthly payment plan.  This is available for registrations prior to November 15th, 2018.

  • 15% of program fee at registration (non-refundable).
  • Depending on the month you sign up after July 15th,  you will be charged 15% non-refundable deposit plus the previous months payments.
  • For example: If you sign up on September 10th, you will be charged as follows:
    • 15% plus non-refundable deposit at registration
    • July 15th at registration
    • August 15th payment at registration
    • The remaining balance will then be broken up and charged on September 15th, October 15th, and November 15th

Volunteer Work Deposit

For 2018/2019, PCSS winter programs require a family work deposit. For programs over $1,000 you pay $250 with a volunteer requirement of 10 hours. For programs between $500 and $1,000 you pay $100 with a volunteer requirement of 4 hours and for programs less than $500 you pay $50 with a volunteer requirement of 2 hours. There will be one work deposit assessed for each family.

For programs $500 to $1,000 enter in this code at checkout- Workdeposit100

For programs $500 or less enter in this code at checkout- Workdeposit50

Parent Work Deposits are necessary for PCSS programs and must be paid up front. Parents who volunteer with PCSS can recoup 100% of their deposit for dedicated and approved PCSS activities. Volunteer commitments and reimbursements will be specified for each PCSS division.

All hours must be tracked by the parent volunteer, confirmed by a coach and approved by PCSS Management Team Representative. Work Deposits are summarized by the Division staff by April 1 with credits requested through PCSS Administration; work deposits will be reimbursed to families by April 30th, 2019.

Refund Policy and Registration Insurance

We make coaching and resort commitments based on completed registrations.  After December 1st, 2018, program fees are not refundable. Prior to December 1st, 2018, we will refund 85% of program fees; the remaining 15% of program fees are non-refundable. 

This year we are pleased to offer registration and travel insurance via the Regsaver Program by SportsEngine and AIG.  We recommend that families review the options for trip and tuition insurance in cases of injury or illness. Families are encouraged to "opt-in" to the Sports Engine Regsaver option for PCSS programs and projects. 

Multi Child Discount

The athlete (family member) with the highest tuition pays full tuition, additional family members will each receive a 10% discount on their fees (regardless of Division) for the season. 


Resort Season/Day Pass and Equipment Requirements

Resort season passes and/or day passes are not included in PCSS program fees and will need to be purchased directly through our resort partners respective resorts.   

Equipment requirements vary by sport and program.  Please review the specific Team pages for specific equipment requirements.

If you have questions about season pass or equipment requirements for a specific program, feel free to reach out to us with questions. 

  • Alpine: Gail Barber -
  • Freeski: Chris Haslock -
  • Multi-Sport: Matt Terwillegar -
  • Nordic: Matt Terwillegar -
  • Freestyle: Jana Johnson -
  • Snowboard: Michael Bell -
  • Ski Mountaineering: Matt Terwillegar -


Please direct administration questions to:

Sharlee Holland

PCSS Administrator- Freestyle/Freeski/Nordic/Snowboard

Gail Barber

PCSS Administrator- Alpine

Please visit for additional program information.